Cast of Characters
Mos Eisley Cantina Denizens
(note Cantina Band Members are at the end of the list)

Ariq Joanson

Arleil Schous

Baniss Keeg

Boelo (Jabba's henchman, back of head can be seen on left side of Cantina behind Tonnika Twins)

Bom Vimdin


Brainiac (as seen in Holiday Special)

Brea Tonnika (aka Space Girl #1)

Buearacrat #1 (unnamed)

Buearacrat #2 (unnamed standing at back left side of Cantina)

Colonel # 2 (cut scene left side of bar wears scarf around neck, mask also used in Holiday Special, alley of Mos Eisley)

Corellian Pirate (unnamed)

Dannik Jerriko (aka the Smoker)

Danz Borin (aka Spaceman # 1)

Adobe Photoshop Image
Davelynn Schmee


Dice Ibegon

Djas Puhr

Elis Helrot (back of head can be seen in alcove behind Greedo, when Greedo is sitting down confronting Han)

Ellors Madak

Dr. Evazan (aka Grubby Human)

Eyvind (local farmer, seen from back only talking to Merc Sunlet)

Farmers #1 & #2 (unnamed talking at the back right side of Cantina, possibly Merc Sunlet & Eyvind hard to make out in pic)

Feltipern Trevagg

F'u Man-Chu (sits in same alcove with Brainiac, Bom Vimdin, & Hem Dazon)

Garouf Lafoe

Greedo (aka Martian # 1)

Gotal (unnamed sits with Momaw Nadon, different costume actually used in scene looks like buearacrat-type costume)

Hem Dazon

Het Nkik

Hrcheck Kal Fas (aka Crocker # 1)

Jenny (aka Local Girl # 1 as seen in movie, yes she's in there & cut scene)

Kabe (aka the Bat)


Kitik Keed'kak (aka Praying Mantis)


Lak Sivrak (only in original version, not Special Edition)

Leesub Sirin (aka Weird Girl)

Little Aunt Beru (real life girlfriend to actor who played  "Flash Gordan midget")

Lirin Car'n (NOT a member of the Modal Nodes)

Local (Farmer)  [unnamed]

Local Ugly Man # 1 (unnamed)

Adobe Photoshop Image
Local Ugly Man # 2 (unnamed)

M'iiyoom Onith

Merc Sunlet


Momaw Nadon

Mosep (aka Walrus # 1 white hair w/ top notch left side of bar)



Nabrun Leids (aka Plutonian)

Neesh (aka Martian # 2, NOT Greedo, Greedo stands at right side of Cantina until he crosses over to confront Han)

Ponda Baba

Reegesk (aka Rodent)

Rycard Ryjerd (aka Flash Gordon midget) [cut scene used in Holiday Special]

Sai'torr Kal Fas (aka Crocker # 2)

Senni Tonnika (aka Space Girl # 2)

Solomahal (aka Colonel # 1 sits at right side of Cantina, no scarf around neck)

Spaceman # 2 (aka by fans "Cantina Dude" I call him "Yellow Spacer")

Spaceman # 3 (outfit based on Destination Moon)

Spaceman # 4 (outfit based on Lost in Space)

Swilla Corey (aka Local Girl # 2)

Takeel (aka Snaggletooth # 1 stands at bar & sits at left side of Cantina)

Tawss Khaa (aka Walrus # 2 red hair, no top notch sits right side of cantina)

Thuku (aka Martian # 3 stands at left side of Cantina cut scene)

Trinto Duaba (aka Terminal Man)

Tzizvvt (aka the Fly yes, he's in the movie)

Wioslea (aka Grasshopper sits in 2nd alcove at right of bar)

Wuher (aka the Bartender)

Yerka Mig

Zutton (aka Snaggletooth # 2 sits at back right side of Cantina)

Forget EVERYTHING you think you know about the "Modal Nodes". Forget EVERYTHING any "expanded universe" writing ever said about the "Modal Nodes"

How many Bith does it take to make up the "Modal Nodes"?

The official Star Wars website says there were SEVEN (7) MEMBERS of the Cantina Band
"Though the Modal Nodes boasts seven members, it took nine musicians to record the "Cantina Band" cues for the film. Included in the mix were a trumpet, two saxophones, a clarinet, a Fender Rhodes piano, a Caribbean steel drum, assorted percussion, and an Arp synthesizer for the bass. "

Notice they did not say it took "seven people" to play the Bith characters in the Cantina scenes (6 band members and Lirin C'arn) as some websites claim. The OFFICIAL Star Wars website says that there are SEVEN members to the band. All it really takes is a careful eye, a pause button, and a widescreen version of A New Hope to catch all seven band members.

Now, because the camera pans from right to left, we're going to number the band members from right to left. Starting at the right you can make out member #1's head and shoulder, behind him is member #2 playing the Gasan String Drums, next (moving left) is Figrin D'an on the Kloo Horn (#3), member #4 is Tedn H'ai on the Fanfar, in this clip you can barely make out member #5's shoulder, and member #6 is behind #5; which totals SIX members standing.

The camera pans to the left and member #1 is quickly off screen as we move toward member #5

Here we see member #5 is Nalan Cheel on the Bandfill

Immediately after the scene where Garouf Lafoe informs the Sandtroopers, we again see the Modal Nodes, members #3 (Figrin D'an), #4 Tedn D'hai, #5 Nalan Cheel, and #6 (?)

We then come to scene with Modal Node member #7 Tech Mor on the Omni box, and we discover member #1 must be Doik Nats on the Peel rod. This then leaves Ikabel G'ont as member #6 (depending upon who you want to say is member #4 playing the Fanfar).
The confusion is probably based upon this illustration from the Kenner Creature Cantina playset, which depicts 6 members to the Cantina band.

This picture was based upon this still shot of the band found in the original (1978?) Star Wars Storybook. Except they missed one member in the back.

This still image is actually a mirror image of the actual Cantina scenes in A New Hope, and should look like this.

However, upon closer examination all SEVEN members can be seen in this still shot.

The band members are numbered according to appearance in the film.
#1 Doik Natts on the Peel Rod
#2 Lars M'yer on Gasan String Drums
#3 Figrin D'an on the Kloo Horn
#4 Tedn H'ai on the Fanfar
#5 Nalan Cheel on the Bandfill
#6 Ickabel G'ont on the Rakassah stand-up bass
#7 Tech Mor on the Omni Box

Now if you will look at the picture above, look between #5 and #4's heads and you will see the top of the instrument that #6 (Ickabel G'ont) is playing; and it is not a Fanfar. Now, I'm not exactly sure if there is an "official" name for this instrument, but on Red 6's website, they mention that Tech M'or is a "former Rakassah player, now prefers to play the Omni Box". So, I'm gonna call it a "Rakassah stand-up bass". Here is an image of it from the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Rakassah player and Gasan String Drum Player from Holiday Special, same props used in A New Hope.
As pointed out by Alex Newborn on Rebelscum forums, if you watch the Holiday Special the instrument in the left picture is played like an old stand-up bass guitar. Seeing as how the official Star Wars websited mentions an  "Arp synthesizer for the bass" as one of the instruments used in the actual music, it only seems natural to list this instrument as a bass guitar-like instrument.

Just for good measure, here is one more picture of the Modal Nodes (from the Making of Star Wars) where all SEVEN band members can be seen.

John Mollo's character sketches of Cantina Patrons (thanks to Alex Newborn for the pic)
production notes on Cantina Characters
from Star Wars Chronicles, p. 86
text from the page is as follows from top left:

Scene 50 breakdown of Cantina Crowd
1. 1 x Fly Stephen Culcutt
2. 1 x Rodent Sadie Eddon
3. 1 x Bartender Ted Burnett
4. 1x Grubby Human Alfie Curtis
5. 2 x Locals (Farmers)
6. 2 x Farmers
7. 3 x Corellian Pirates Ron Tarr
8. 3 x Starpilots
9. 3 x Bureaucrats George Stock  Isaac Grand
10. 2 x Local Girls Jenny Cresswell Mandy Morton
11. 2 x Space Girls Christine Hewitt Angela Staines
12. 1 x Weird Girl Pam Rose
13. 4 x Spacemen
14. 4 x Local Ugly Men Fred Wood Robert Davies Jeff Moon Anthony Lang Salo Gardner
15. 1 x Grasshopper Barry Copping
16. 3 x Martians Diana Sadley Way (Plutonian scratched out & changed to Martians)
17. 1 x Plutonian Paul Blake Janice Burckette Linda Jones (Plutonian scratched out, changed to Martians)
18. 1 x Praying Mantis Jack Purvis
19. 2 x Snaggletooth Arthur Rowton Alf Mangan
20. 2 x Crocker Robert Denham Peter Sturgeon
21. 2 x Walrus Erica Simmons Annette Jones
22. 1 x Colonel Tommy Isley Joe Kaye
23. 1 x Bat Barry Gnome
24. Orchestra this consist of 4 men 1 x No. 3; 1 x No. 7 + 2 others
25. Jawas not shown
26. Stormtroopers not shown
Flash Gordon Marcus Powell
Gilda Cohen Little Aunt Beru

Adding the number of characters together (including Flash Gordan & Little Aunt Beru), the total number of Cantina patrons in the original shots is 46.  However, the character of Ponda Baba is not listed or sketched in the above group. (note "Walrus" in the above illustration refers to "Mosep" & Tawss Khaa") Thus, adding in Ponda Baba the number of patrons is 47. Star Wars Insider Jan/Feb 2007, p. 8 states,

"The production reports for Star Wars list 17 contract performers in the cantina, as  well as anywhere from 41 to 44 crowd extras."  

This would make the number of patrons in the original shoot total 61. However, The Making of Stat Wars the Definitive Story Behind the Original Film, J.W. Rinzler, p. 168 states,

"After Mollo had seen to the last costume details of the fort-two extras, they were escorted onto the cantina set... Two other day players in the cantina, Angela Staines and Christine Hewett, played Han's female companions (or "space girls"), while Rusty Goff , Gilda Cohen, Marcus Powell, and Geoff Moon were listed as 'contract artistes,' adding to the total crowd. Ted Burnett played the bartender who tells Luke he can't bring in the droids."

Going off this information, we again get the total of 47 cantina patrons in the original shoot. However, with everything associated with the cantina scene, NOTHING is consistent. In the meantime, till proven wrong, I'm sticking with 47 being the total number of Cantina patrons in the original scenes.

group photo of cantina patrons that are seen in the back alleys of Mos Eisley.
notice 2 "Moseps," 2 "Snaggletooths," &  2 "Colonels" also notice that "Ranat" is as tall as a human rather than short like a Jawa, however the production notes (above) sketch "Ranat" aka the Rodent, short like a Jawa; so maybe there were two different heights.