Mos Eisley Cantina Still Images

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outskirts of Mos Eisley also used in cut Anchorhead scenes
city street of Mos Eisley, notice two landspeeder and Outrider in sky
ASP-7 droid vs. Imperial Probe droid
another Mos Eisley street, mirror image of Stormtroopers
swoop rider startles Ronto
Luke's speeder passes Ronto, Mos Eisley Cantina & junkyard are seen in back (continuity error)
Yellow landspeeder, be nice if they made a toy of this
"How long have you had these droids?" all the droids just wondering around the streets and they stop Luke??
Luke continues on, turns left, blocks maybe miles from the "Ronto scene"
Luke on his way to the Cantina, "ambiguous" Mos Eisley guy walking around (he's in a lot of scenes)
Finally, Luke arrives (back) at the Cantina with the added buildings missing from the "Ronto scene"
front door to Cantina, drunk Jawas sitting in the shade
Luke enters cantina

At this point, I'd like to point out that NO ALIENS have been seen in the city streets of Mos Eisley, besides Jawas. There is a reason for this...

first glimpse of inside the Cantina Arleil Schous, Brainiac, F'u Man-Chu, & Bom Vimdin
then all of the sudden Hem Dazon pops up

This was intentional to give the Cantina scene a sorta "in your face" surprise of the various aliens. Each "alien scene" is only seconds long, jumping from alcove to alcove. This technique made the Cantina scenes the staple of all "sci-fi alien scenes."

Myo, Muftak, Lirin Car'n & Djas Phur
Feltipern Trevagg & M'iiyoom Onith
Melas (Special Edition replaced Arliel Schous scene)
left side of Cantina, notice "Jenny" talking w/ Rodian, also "Spacemen" in back
black & white photo of same scene, can make out 4 "Spacemen"
full shot of bar
right side of Cantina, Swilla Corey sitting at table
Kabe, can see straight through the eyes on the mask
Modal Nodes, (notice carefully 6 members in this shot: 4 heads & 2 extra shoulders)
camera pans quickly to left
Ben talks with BoShek
Luke enters the Cantina, droid detector in foyer
"Hey! We don't serve their kind here!" notice Takeel in front, Zutton at back right of bar
Tonnika Twins (I don't go for all that EU Mistryl Shadow Guards stuff)
Luke and C-3PO enter Cantina (from behind the scenes)
black & white photo of same scene (good pic of main Cantina area)
"Why don't you go outside and wait by the speeder." Notice Tzizvvt in background
Mosep, BoShek & Greedo in 2nd alcove to right
can see Wioslea sitting in 2nd alcove also
Neesh NOT GREEDO, there are 3 differrent "Rodians" aka "Martians" in the Cantina
Danz Borin, these guys are possibly sitting in 1st alcove to the left, or the same alcove as Han
"Cantina Dude" or as I like to call him "Yellow Spacer" outfit re-used for Bossk
Luke at the bar, was he old enough to drink?? (drink dispensers used in Empire for IG-88's head)
"Can I get one of those?"
Luke looks to his left and see...
Hrcheck Kal Fas & Rycard Ryjerd
Ellors Madak & Baniss Keeg
Luke looks behind him and see...
Dice Ibegon, Labria, & Ketwol (sorry Lak)
unnamed Gotal, Trinto Duaba, & Momaw Nadon
Ponda Baba aka "Walrus Man"
"He doesn't like you!"
patrons turn to watch confrontation
Dr. Evazan throws Luke into the 2nd alcove to the right of the bar
"Bueauracrat" sitting on alcove seat
Ellors & Baniss again
"Old" Ben strikes
Dannik Jeriko aka "the Smoker"
Swilla Corey in background, I think she wears the same outfit as Camie in the cut scenes
Garouf Lafoe
Garouf goes outside to alert the Stormtroopers
omni box player, making SEVEN members to the band
"Han Solo captain of the Millennium Falcon"
"Yes indeed, if it's a fast ship"
Sandtroopers come in to check disturbance, notice Tzizvvt in back
Merc Sunlet & other human
Stormtroopers check out Han & Chewie
notice two tables in alcove, the other is in the back right corner
Oooh tahtoo taht Solo?
Greedo gets the drop on Han, Greedo is sitting on the seat in the alcove
notice in the background a Duros and Eliss Helrot sitting at a table together
the dreaded "Greedo shoots first" scene
Greedo dummy just before explosion
look closely in the alcove and you can see the little stool behind the table
Het Nkik, Ranat, & Takeel
something walks in front of an alcove, looks like a CZ droid to me, so much for not serving "their kind"
Myo turns left to see disturbance, which means they are sitting to the right of Han's alcove
notice 2 tables in alcove to the left, also notice the plaster missing from the arch
"Sorry about the mess"
Han exits cantina