Original Cantina Scene
if a scene was used in the actual movie, that image is used in place of the original black & white on this page

front shot of bar
Ben enters and pulls down hood
Luke enters & looks around
C-3PO walks in
left side of bar
front of bar
right side of bar
Luke & droids enter
"We don't serve their kind"
"We don't want any trouble"
Luke walks to bar
anything besides blue milk
Luke looks behind him and sees...
Jawa, Ranat & Takeel (this shot was moved in theatrical version)
the Smoker
Grubby Human
Weird Girl & the Colonel #2
Walrus #2 & Space Girls
Crocker & Local Ugly Man
Han and local girl Jenny
Walrus Man
"death sentence, blah, blah..."
Luke gets thrown
Ben attacks
original "flipper hand", still had blood on the sleeve
unaffected, Han and Jenny make out
ok count them: 1 Martian & Walrus at the bar
the Fly & the Colonel #1
2nd Martian in the alcove w/ "Spacemen" this scene was moved to earlier in theatrical version
3rd Martian (Greedo) standing behind Ben
local farmer, Peter Diamond also played Tusken Raider & one of Jabba's henchmen
turns to get help
farmer talks with Stormtroopers
Chewie informs Han of the deal
Ben & Luke sit down, notice Jenny still sitting with Han,
"Nice moves old man, very impresive"
Han, "Sweetheart" Jenny gets up and leaves
"Han Solo, captain, blah blah..."
"fast ship, blah, blah..."
Stormtroopers enter cantina
step down into main area
"Punk kid & old man? We'll check it out."
different angle of Stormtroopers checking out Han
"Go change the oil & check the tire pressure"
"Going somewhere, Solo?"
the following is the original dialogue minus all the "Imperial blockade" and "even I get boarded sometime" lines which were borrowed from the Jabba scene. Since the Jabba scene got cut, Lucas used that dialogue here. With the addition of the Jabba scene to the SE, I think they should go back to the original dialogue, so that we're not getting the same dialogue twice.
Greedo: "That's what you said yesterday, but its too late. I'm not going back to Jabba with another one of your stories."
Han: "Yeah, but this time, I've got the money..."
Greedo: "Then I'll take it now..."
Han: "I don't have it on me, tell Jabba..."
Greedo: "It's too late, Jabba would rather have your ship."
Han: "Over my dead body."
Greedo: "(laughs) That is the idea Solo. Now, you'll come outside with me or must I finish it here?"
Han: "I don't think they'd like another killing in here."
Greedo: "They'd hardly notice, get up... I've been waiting for this for a long time"
Han: "I bet you have..."
Greedo dummy explodes
Takeel turns and looks, except this is another continuity error, because Takeel is on the other side of the bar, notice the "praying mantis" in the background
original scene HAN SHOOTS FIRST!! because Greedos whole intent was to kill Han, which I think was fully established by the dialogue.
"Sorry about the mess"
Ladies & gentlemen, Solo has left the building